Innovation that drives sustainability

At Azavista we care about the smallest details in order to increase your attendees event experience.

Upon request, we further simplified the check-in process for employees that visit events on a regular base, by using their personal plastic company badge. We removed the necessity to print your email registration confirmation, and integrated the unique information from the personal company badge to the Azavista’s Event platform.

The benefit for the attendee is to only bring and show their personal company badge, which they are already doing.

They don’t need to print or look up the email confirmation on their smartphone any more. All other benefits, like VIP alerts, Real Time Reports, and Database Synchronisation remain active in the unique onsite check-in process.

This innovation resulted in an even smoother and faster check-in procedure, a better experience and less waste. Even the smallest innovations that helps Azavista and our valued customers to be more sustainable and reduce waste puts a smile on our face!

Curious how your events can benefit from Azavista’s innovative Event Management platform?

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